Welcome to Snowdonia-Active

Snowdonia-Active is currently being creative with our web resources. This is where we are currently up to:

snowdonia-active.org: we have a new website nearing completion with loads of info about what we do and how we work. With more than 15 years of material we are even impressing ourselves at how much excellent stuff we have to share.

snowdonia-active.com: yes, it is this site that you are now looking at! We are proud to have beaten Google to creating a search engine (for the Outdoors in North Wales in 2004 in our case). Anyway, we all know who won that particular race so the directory is now resting but we have archived all our old news and articles here: www.snowdonia-active.com/archive/newsarchive.html

adventuresmart.uk : Snowdonia-Active has facilitated and nurtured this excellent project, with the fantastic support of all the partners here: www.adventuresmart.uk/partners

heartofadventure.co.uk : promotional initiative for the outdoors in North Wales. This website also hosts the North Wales Designated Landscapes Photo Library where you can access a range of free (yes, free) photos for the promotion and marketing of tourism related activity within North Wales. Register here: heartofadventure.co.uk/photolibrary/register

outdoornorthwales.com: is currently being restructured but once we have crossed al the t’s and dotted all the i’s then it will once again be the fantastic collection of info about a huge number of outdoor places and activities across North Wales.

14peaks.com : The summits of the three thousand foot mountains of Wales can be visited in a single magnificent journey and this is where you can read all about it and once you have danced daintily or trudged wearily across all 14 peaks you can record your journey for posterity in the 14 Peak Database and even get a certificate.

loving-our-lake.org : We love Llyn Padarn and Cae’r Ddol!