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N.Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group

In early 2010, the relevance and practicality of an outdoor charter for Snowdonia was initially discussed at a well attended meeting chaired by Dei Tomas. The consensus reached was that setting up such a charter would be a good idea.

Since then, growing pressure from environmental and access issues have heightened the need for a proactive approach combined with the aim of sharing good practice across the outdoor sector.

Towards the end of last year Snowdonia-Active produced a document titled 'Proposal for the North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter'. The document's vision is to provide a forum to allow the collective engagement of the outdoor sector operating in north Wales to ensure that outdoor activity venues are used in a responsible and sustainable manner, whilst also maintaining and opening up access to these sites for future generations.

The detailed proposal goes on to create a skills requirement matrix for the post of Charter Coordinator and a proposed programme of work. At the 2012 Outdoor North Wales Forum last February, Chris Hooper gave a presentation on the proposed Charter. A meeting will be held in the near future to pull a steering group together and begin the work outlined in the proposal.

Topic: North Wales Outdoor Charter Group, Sustainable use of the Outdoors.

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