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National Coasteering Charter

The National Coasteering Charter (NCC) was agreed at a meeting in November 2011. At the same time two important documents, Base Level Skills and Competencies for Coasteering Guides - Version 1 Dec 2010 and Best Practice Safety Guidance for Coasteering Providers Version 1 Dec 2010 were agreed to be suited to purpose.

Agreeing to follow the recommendations within these documents is part of the NCC. They were developed by the National Water Safety Forum coasteering working group and NCC group with input and advice from 120 coasteering businesses UK wide.

It has become clear since then that not all the activity providers in north Wales were aware of these developments and concern has been expressed about elements of the NCC's relevance to the region.

In order to address these concerns a meeting has been arranged for the 14th June at The Heights Hotel 7.00 p.m. for anyone running coasteering sessions in north Wales or having an interest in the activity.

In a recent email, Chair of the National Coasteering Charter, John-Paul Eatock broadly outlined the benefits to members of the NCC as:

1. To protect both the provider and the client by making minimum recognised guidelines agreed at a national level and continuously improving them.
2. To have a regional and national level of discussion to discuss and share practice, plus a one-stop shop for others at national level to go to for information and advice.
3. To ensure that it remains sustainable, given the unique places that coasteering happens in.

And that the mechanisms by which this can be achieved as:
  • You are part of a national Voice that both represents you and has influence to support you at local and regional level.
  • You share best practice at a regional Level with other coasteering providers that counts towards your CPD.
  • You can use the NCC logo on your website.
  • You sign up to the Sustainability Code of Respect, Protect and Enjoy (thank you Tom Luddington† and co. for the work you have been doing on this). Please see the short film version on: http://vimeo.com/39638050
John-Paul said: "This [the NCC] says that you support the minimum operating guidelines and the minimum staff training guidelines - which would be very supportive if you were unfortunate enough to ever to go court"

He added the caveat: "If we donít work as a team, we may loose the ability to lead our own way, especially in the current climate with much change afoot at the Health and Safety Executive and all of its implications."

A National NCC meeting will take place in November 2012.

Minutes from the 4th November NCC meeting can be downloaded here.
Draft membership criteria for the NCC can be downloaded here.

Topic: Coasteering in north Wales, National Coasteering Charter.

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