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SNPA Recreation Strategy 2012 - 17

In publishing this consultation Recreation Strategy, the Snowdonia National Park Authority is responding to requests from the public, private businesses and land managers for a clear consensus on the development and management of recreation in a National Park. It proposes a series of nine aims underpinned by 60 strategic actions.

This consultation draft encourages the promotion of activities which are consistent with statutory National Park purposes while ensuring that the Park's special qualities are protected at the same time.

The National Park Authority has two statutory duties, these are:
  • To conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area.
  • To promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the 'special qualities' of the area, by the public.
The document emphasises the importance of providing recreation in this area, particularly within communities and to improve health and well-being. It also considers the more challenging aspects of the leisure sector, such as the misuse of natural resources and impacts on the landscape of the area.

On behalf of the Authority, its Principal Policy Officer, Ifer Gwyn, said: "The document is available for a six week consultation period to allow those who are interested to comment or give recommendations before preparing the final document. If anyone is interested in expressing their views on recreation in Snowdonia, the Authority's Policy Section will be pleased to hear from you. The consultation comes to an end on April 16th."

A pdf download of the Strategy is available here. Send responses to:


Principal Policy Officer,
Strategic Plans & Policy Service,
Snowdonia National Park Authority,
National Park Office,
LL48 6LF

Topic: Snowdonia National Park Authority Recreation Strategy 2012 - 17

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