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Outdoor Sector News

Antur plans to focus on environmental, social and economic topics affecting the outdoor sector. It is a joint communication project, currently between the Countryside Council for Wales, the Snowdonia National Park Authority and Snowdonia-Active. If your organisation is interested in becoming a contributing partner then contact antur@snowdonia-active.com

The land and seascapes of Wales have special natural, cultural and economic values, requiring an understanding of their complex relationships to one another in order to arrive at a sustainable stance.

The 'active economy' attracts 140 million each year to the region of North West Wales and employs over 8000 people. The outdoor sector recognises that it is vitally important to protect and enhance the environment on which it is based. Antur will continue to support this message and also highlight the growing part the outdoor sector is playing in promoting a active, healthy and socially inclusive nation

Email to antur@snowdonia-active.com with any feedback about the current issue or if you have a news item that you feel should be featured. Similarly drop us an email, if you would like to subscribe to Antur and receive future issues by post.

Topic: Outdoor Sector in Snowdonia, Outdoor News.

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