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Snowdonia-Active Business Focus Item

Outdoor Source Book

Vital information in 3 formats all with icon illustrated listings of hundreds of providers.
Wire bound durable book
Source Book Website with a selection of featured organisations from the book/CDRom.

The directory of outdoor learning and training providers, equipment providers, services providers and useful organisations

Plus a list of Useful Acronyms to help you find your way through the diverse world of outdoor learning, education and adventure.

What readers had to say about it...
"All the outdoor courses and providers in one place - it saved me hours."

"Location, what they offer, what itís about - all here, thanks."

"The [UK] outdoor industry under one cover - great!"

For the first time there is editorial on key outdoor topics:
Careers in Outdoor Learning
Activities for People with Disabilities
HE and FE in Outdoor Learning
Corporate and Adult Development Outdoors
Outdoor Therapy, Art and Drama
First Aid and Outdoor Practitioners
The Purpose of Outdoor Learning
The Value of Fieldwork
Accredited Practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning

VITAL Information on Outdoor Activity, Training, Equipment and Service

Listings include contact details for the provider organisations with icons
which illustrate their facilities, activities, client groups, type of
training offered, type of equipment sold, and service provision.

NOW available for the first time on CD-Rom too.
PRICE - Outdoor Source Book (includes UK postage) - £9.95 CD-Rom (includes
UK postage) - £9.95
BUY BOTH book and CDRom TOGETHER for ONLY £15.00

to order call 01768 885800 or go to:

business focus archive

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