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Brand new Kayaking films

Keen kayakers will be pleased to hear about a couple of exciting new kayaking films produced by North Wales based film makers and paddlers, Justine Curgenven, Olly Sanders and Leo Hoare.


This is the Sea

The first ever sea kayaking action video: a world tour with the world's top sea paddlers by award winning filmmaker, Justine Curgenven.

Cackle TV Productions brings you sea kayaking at its most exciting! Thrilling footage taken in big surf and roaring tidal races lets you feel you are in the boat with expert paddlers - watch their eyes bulge and hear them scream in excitement as they meet the challenge of big water!

The film includes personal insights from the world's top sea paddlers including expedition paddler Chris Duff, Greenland Kayak Champion Maligiaq Padilla, and world leaders Nigel Foster and Nigel Dennis.

It includes footage from a number of daring and difficult sea kayaking expeditions, at locations as far afield as California, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Greenland, Wales and Russia (a 650 kilometre journey along the eastern coast of Russia with a novice paddler. The team encounter 6 foot surf, brown bears in their campsite and are arrested by Russian soldiers!).

Justine Curgenven, award winning adventure videographer, has had footage aired on BBC, Sky and National Geographic. She shoots her footage directly from her own kayak, following paddlers through crashing surf, exciting tidal races, and fascinating sea caves and arches. You can't get any closer to the action without actually being there yourself!

Check out www.cackletv.com if you want to get hold of a copy (£19.99 – DVD, £18.99 – VHS).


Sea Kayak Safety - the latest sea kayak safety video from seasoned expedition paddlers and leading coaches, Olly Sanders and Leo Hoare.

Have you ever found yourself paddling in conditions that make you feel just a little bit twitchy? Well, this latest DVD title will help you to play safe.

Sea Kayak Safety, takes the sometimes dull subject of rescues and tows and presents them in a fresh new format.

With fast paced action, the footage takes you right onto the waves and shows a series of rescue techniques ranging in conditions from flatwater to surging tidal races and overfalls.

The onboard and underwater cameras give you a unique chance to see each technique broken down into easy to understand sections. The team push each technique to the limits showing just how far you can go and still stay safe at sea conducting your own rescues, which adds some high drama moments.

Shot around Anglesey the interactive DVD also includes impressive footage of RNLI rescues and useful input from the Coastguard, with great advice on how to use their services effectively.

There’s more on what safety equipment to carry and what to wear as well as practical bullet point information about each tow or rescue scenario, which you can simply scroll through the DVD to obtain.

For coaches or aspirant level three of five star candidates it provides an effective coaching tool as well as some inspirational high adrenaline action which might just get you practising that re-entry roll in the next big swell.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the DVD (£24.99) please contact Olly Sanders at ollyrockandsea@aol.com Tel: 01248 410 877.

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