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New book ideas

Invisible on Everest by Mike Parsons and Mary B. Rose

RRP 24.99

Whether you are a world-class mountain climber, whose life is dependent on the gear you take on your next Himalayan expedition, or an arm-chair historian interested in the fascinating innovations that made the ascent of Everest possible - this book is a must read.

Invisible On Everest blends tales of high adventure and tragedy with a thoroughly researched history of the innovations that made mountain climbing, and other adventure sports the high tech modern phenomena that they have become today.

This is both a thoroughly enjoyable read, and a great reference guide to understanding the evolution of cold-weather and high-altitude survival gear. I found it fascinating to discover the inextricable connections between equipment, success and failure.

The book explores the development of the sport/leisure industries against the background of the new technologies. It tells the story of the innovators in the industry and the development of outdoor brands.

This fascinating and informative title will certainly appeal to any outdoor enthusiast.

The book can be purchased online (from various websites) or from all good Outdoor shops.

Reviewed by Arran Cartwright.

The Cwm Silyn and Cwellyn guide review can be viewed by clicking 'here'.

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