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Snowdonia-Active Business Focus Item

10 questions that need an answer now!

Do you care about the future of Snowdonia?

Snowdonia-Active does.

1. Do you work in the outdoor sector?

2. Did your business suffer during the Foot and Mouth access restrictions?

3. Are you concerned about the Green Key project?

4. Are you concerned about the outcome of the CROW consultation process, or have you ever been faced with an unreasonable access restriction?

5. Are you worried about ‘inappropriate’ developments encroaching upon the unique natural resource that is Snowdonia?

6. Have you ever wished the outdoor sector had more influence?

7. Have you ever had a great idea, but not had the time or the connections to bring it to fruition?

8. Have you ever been frustrated by negative and ill-informed ‘outdoor’ news items in the press?

9. Do you need help recruiting staff or marketing and developing your outdoor business?

10. Is your business is being blighted by escalating insurance premiums?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should be talking to Snowdonia-Active.

We at S-A feel it is time that the outdoor sector is given some genuine support and help.

We believe that there is strength in numbers and that if the outdoor sector pulls together our collective voice will be far greater than the sum of our parts.

S-A is here to represent, promote and develop the outdoor sector within Gwynedd, Ynys Mon and Conwy.

These are exciting times for the outdoor sector in Snowdonia.

Make sure you get involved, make sure your voice is heard:


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