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Steve McClure - The Very Big and The Very Small - 12/02/2004

Heason events presents a Steve McClure multimedia lecture:

1st Half:

In February shows will include a 10 minute excerpt from the film Grey Hairs & Gravity by proffesional American film maker Dave Vaughn, a variety of stunning photographs set to music by Nick Boden, a short film by Mark Reeves (maker of Between The Rain) on last summer's Deep Water Soloing Meet in Dorset, and, in response to feedback received during Ian's December shows, a series of inspiring photographs set to music taken by women (as opposed to taken of women). Competitions will be sponsored by Fat Face and Lyon Equipment (Petzl & Beal) - prizes to be announced.

2nd Half:

Steve McClure will then enlighten listeners on the secret of his success. Steve is one of the strongest and most committed climbers in the UK. Famous for pushing grades into new realms of difficulty he gives an insight into what it takes to succeed at the 9a grade and why the hell anyone would want to go to such extremes.

First inspired by the Dawes slate masterpiece ‘The Very Big and The Very Small’ (Dinorwig Quarry in Llanberis), Steve’s focus shifted from trad to the hardest rock routes possible.

Having recently packed in his job, Steve discusses how his motivation has moved on from the very small, super hard redpoints in Britain to long onsights in Europe, and more recently to the very big trad walls of Greenland. Steve will use a combination of video, photographs, music, and his own mega-modest commentry to show us how he's got to where he is.

His video will include stunning footage from his recent trip to Greenland and one of the world's only films of the first ascent of a F9a (Rainshadow at Malham).

7.45pm start

Tickets £4.50 in advance if bought online at planetFear, £5.00 on the night.

The evening will comprise a well sponsored competition, video, music and stunning photography

Tickets also available at:
V12 Outdoor - High Street, Llanberis (01286 871534)

Location: Hendre Hall - near Tal-y-Bont, Bangor

Organiser Email: matt@heason.net

More Info: www.planetfear.com

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