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Swellies Extreme 2011 - 29/10/2011 - 30/10/2011

Kayak Essentials, organisers of the inaugural Swellies Extreme 2011 event, believe "that this series of three races over the weekend of 29th - 30th October will present a unique competitive challenge for paddlers, demanding a broad range of skills and a tough test of paddling fitness for success."

Based in Anglesey's Menai Strait the action comprises of:
  • Swellies Extreme Sea Kayak Slalom - a time trail to coincide with the period of peak ebb flow. A downstream blast from Menai to Britannia Bridge, separated by one nautical mile, but on race day requiring four crossings of the Strait, negotiating over 20 eddy lines and visiting some of the most powerful tidal waters in Wales. Paddlers will start at 30 second intervals.
  • Mass Start Downstream Madness - Follows a silimar course through the Swellies but will have the added excitement of manoeuvring for position among a fleet of racing kayaks.
  • The Sea Kayak Boater-X - This is Sunday's event and again will take place at maximum ebb tide. A series of elimination races under the arches of Menai Bridge will produce an epic final of boat handling skills.
Competitors will need to have a combination of white water and sea kayaking skills, a confident independent ability on the water, a solid white water roll and a good familiarity with the race venue.

Nick Cunliffe, from Kayak Essentials, said: "The overall aim of the weekend is fun and adventure with an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere. But donít be too relaxed though - we expect you all to race to win on the water!"

Any kayak suitable for the conditions to be encountered can be used - capable of being rolled (a required skill at the start line of the first race). Sea kayaks are obviously o.k., racing sea kayaks too (if youíre confident rolling and paddling them in fast white water). White water kayaks are fine, although you might come last, while racing kayaks and skis are not acceptable - there will not have safety cover to adequately deal with these specialist craft, and in any event youíll need to roll them at the start of the first race!

The entry fee (to access all three races) will be £25 - to cover direct running costs that will include event organisation, race timing/marshalling and safety provision. If you only wish to compete in the Saturday races, the cost will be £20.

You can download entry form and further info at kayakessentials.co.uk

Location: Menai Strait, Gardd Fon, Y Felinheli

Organiser Email: info@kayakessentials.co.uk

More Info: www.kayakessentials.co.uk/swellies-extreme-race-2011/

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