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Snowdon Biking Agreement 30/04/2014

A voluntary mountain biking agreement to not use Snowdon's bridleways between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. takes effect over the summer from May 1st until September 30th. The lower section of the Snowdon Ranger Path that connects with Maesgwm is unaffected by any restrictions.

This voluntary agreement, revised and agreed in 2003, between Snowdonia National Park and Cyclists Touring Club Cymru, the Welsh Cycling Union and the International Mountain Bicycling Organisation asks mountain bikers to avoid using the bridleways on Snowdon at these specific busy times.

In the 2013 monitoring figures from the Park, 636 cyclists are recorded as having used the most popular biking route route up and down the mountain, the Llanberis Path, with an October peak on it of 180 riders.

Snowdonia National Park Authority state: "It was originally introduced in response to concerns that the large numbers of mountain bikers and walkers using the paths during the summer season could result in accidents and Snowdonia National Park Authority remains keen that mountain bikers continue to honour the agreement, for the sake of their own and walkers’ safety and to avoid the need to consider a Traffic Regulation Order on the mountain’s bridleways."   

Ray Andrews, a representative from the local mountain bike club, Clwb Beicio Mynydd Eryri said: “The route up and down Snowdon makes for the ultimate Welsh cross country ride and the voluntary agreement of use during the busy times helps ensure that this epic journey is safer and more enjoyable for all mountain users.”
Snowdon Warden Helen Pye applauded mountain bike users for their commitment to the agreement, saying: “Last year saw the vast majority making a huge effort to keep to the agreement. This was really encouraging, and mountain bikers should be applauded for this. We are however concerned about the increased incidents involving bikes near the train tracks especially when it’s difficult if not impossible to spot an oncoming train in low visibility. As a result, we’re currently working with representatives from mountain bike societies and the Snowdon Mountain Railway to address this issue.”
Helen added: “Inconsiderate mountain biking during busy times can be dangerous, but also I’m sure fairly frustrating for the mountain biker. But it’s worth remembering that there are other incredible mountain bike opportunities in Snowdonia aside from Snowdon in the busy summer months, including fantastic trails at Coed y Brenin and the down-hill track at Antur Stiniog."

The 1968 Countryside Act (Section 30) introduced the right to bicycle on bridleways provided cyclists give way to walkers and horseriders.

Details of the voluntary agreement on the National Park website include a pdf with some suggested alternative mountain bike routes near Snowdon and show the lower section of the Snowdon Ranger Path that connects with Maesgwm as unaffected by any restrictions.

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